17. Jaroslav Hynecek, The Galileo effect and the general relativity theory

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Volume 22: Pages 551-558, 2009

The Galileo effect and the general relativity theory

Jaroslav Hynecek 1

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In this article, the Galileo effect is defined as a belief that persists in a society and thrives almost indefinitely despite the lack of evidence for it or even despite the obvious evidence that disproves it. This may not be a surprising finding in the fields of study such as archeology, sociology, religion, and economics; however, it is shocking to find that even the exact sciences such as physics and, in particular, the physics of gravitation and cosmology are not immune from it. In this article, it is shown by elementary means that the general relativity theory (GRT), the celebrated theory of gravitation, cannot be the correct theory of gravity since it claims that inertial and gravitational masses are identical even when in a relative inertial motion despite the simple mathematical evidence that they are not. In addition to this problem, two fatal flaws can be clearly identified in the Schwarzschild metric, which is the “vacuum solution” of Einstein field equations of the GRT. These flaws thus question the usefulness of Einstein’s field equations in a search for the correct space-time metrics and the correct model of the universe. The evidence presented in this paper has been in existence before our eyes for a long time, yet hundreds of books and thousands of papers have been published and are being continuously published where the incorrect assumption about the mass equivalence is used, and the fatal problems of the Schwarzschild metric and, consequently, Einstein field equations are never addressed. Almost every major university has a physics department where the GRT is taught to many students who then unquestionably believe it, being dazzled, and mesmerized by the tensor calculus, and millions of dollars are spent every year to support activities based on the obviously flawed theory. This is the true essence of the Galileo effect.

Keywords: Galileo Effect, Inertial Mass, Gravitational Mass, Mass Equivalence Principle, Mass Equivalent Radius, General Relativity Theory, Schwarzschild Metric, Black Holes, Einstein Field Equations, Einstein Spaces, Einstein Tensor, Birkhoff Theorem, Ehrenfest Paradox, Christoffel Symbols, Ricci Scalar

Received: April 16, 2009; Accepted: September 8, 2009; Published Online: October 13, 2009