7. P. K. Misra, On the existence and properties of energy fields surrounding rigid bodies

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Volume 22: Pages 478-488, 2009

On the existence and properties of energy fields surrounding rigid bodies

P. K. Misra 1

1Formerly of Ontario Ministry of Environment, 1514 Ballantrae Dr., Mississauga, Ontario L5M 3N3, Canada

The paper investigates the concept of an energy field existing in the infinite space surrounding all rigid bodies. The properties of the energy field are analyzed and are shown to provide consistent results with the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Using Einstein’s theory that energy and mass are equivalent, it is shown that a rigid body and its energy field form a continuum in space, and classical continuum mechanics theories can be applied to the motion of the rigid body and its energy field under an applied force. The total energy of motion, however, consists not only that of the motion of the body, but also an amount associated with the flux of momentum inside the field. These two types of energy need to be added as a complex variable vector to obtain the total energy. The resulting total energy formulation is consistent with the definition of energy in the theories of relativity. Using this concept, the equations of motion of a body under an applied force are derived in the form of two coupled equations, which, when combined to ensure that energy is summed as defined above, yield Schrödinger’s wave equation for quantum mechanics consistent with the theories of relativity. In this sense we find the derived equations to be valid for quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, and theories of relativity, while presenting significant mathematical simplicity.

Keywords: Continuum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Theories of Relativity, Gravitational Field, Planetary Orbits, Energy of Motion

Received: April 2, 2008; Accepted: August 9, 2009; Published Online: September 23, 2009