4. Jacob Schaff, Gravitation: What it really is

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Volume 22: Pages 435-461, 2009

Gravitation: What it really is

Jacob Schaff 1

1Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, C.P. 15051, 91501-970 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

It is asserted that we live in a world in which space itself, a real quantum-fluid-like background medium named quantum space (QS), inherently moves in the ordinary three dimensions about each astronomical body according to a circular differential velocity field, consistent with the local main astronomical motions. Light and all the elementary particles are conceived as persistent excitations (resonances) of this real space itself and therefore this moving QS is their medium of propagation and the ultimate reference for their motions. Within this viewpoint, motions of the laboratory with respect to the resting QS or of the QS through the resting laboratory are perfectly equivalent and generate identical effects. These velocity fields of the QS about each astronomical body rightly produce the inertial dynamics observed within the gravitational fields. Interestingly enough, in this velocity field the orbiting natural planets, stars, and the galactic centers throughout the universe do all very nearly rest with respect to the local moving QS while carrying with them their own velocity fields. This, while naturally leading to the observed (null) results of the Michelson light anisotropy experiments, also increases the go-return roundtrip time of light and of matter waves in general within our laboratories and thereby correctly engenders all the effectively observed effects, caused by the gravitational fields. It rightly slows down all the time standards (clocks) and the physical processes in general, which is the gravitational time dilation. It also causes the gravitational redshifts of atomic and nuclear spectra and properly simulates the apparently deformed metric of space underlying Einstein’s spacetime curvature. This same spacedynamics moreover crucially predicts the very small genuine anisotropy of the velocity of light of nearly 8 km/s, fixed with respect to the earth-based laboratories and caused by the earth velocity field alone. This small anisotropy was detected systematically by sensitive Michelson interferometers rotating in the earth-based laboratories but was inexplicably discarded as spurious by enthusiasts of the theory of relativity. Spacedynamics also rightly points out the genuine physical origin of the excess time delays in the roundtrips of radar signals within the solar system and the observed anomalous (non-Doppler) red-/blueshifts of radiation coming to us by passing near heavy bodies. It also forthrightly explains the absence of effects of the solar gravitational potential on the GPS clock rates and the origin of the apparent bias of earth-based clocks synchronized along very long baselines when confronted with the highly stable clock ticks of distant pulsars.

Keywords: Gravitation, Gravitational Physics, Space-Time Physics

Received: October 30, 2007; Accepted: July 26, 2009; Published Online: September 22, 2009