13 PDF - Abdul L. Bhuiyan, The nature of the exchange forces

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Volume 23: Pages 97-103, 2010

The nature of the exchange forces

Abdul L. Bhuiyan 1

1Box No 13, Head Post Office, Comilla 3500, Bangladesh

The exchange forces appear to be of the nature of space-time quantized gravity/gravitation, which may be called gravity particles. The so-called dark matter may exist in the form of these gravity particles. It also appears that the universe has a finite size, although it has no boundary.

Keywords: Gravity/Gravitation as Exchanged Forces, Inflationary Expansion, Uncertainty Principle and Boundary of Universe, Uncertainty Principle and Singularity, Chaos in the Beginning of Universe, Order at the End of Inflationary Period, Gravity Particles as the Dark Matter

Received: November 6, 2008; Accepted: December 20, 2009; Published Online: February 22, 2010