1 PDF - Stephan J. G. Gift, Light speed invariance is a remarkable illusion

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Volume 23: Pages 1-5, 2010

Light speed invariance is a remarkable illusion

Stephan J. G. Gift 1

1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The University of the West Indies St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

Though many experiments appear to have confirmed the light speed invariance postulate of special relativity theory, this postulate is actually unverified. This paper resolves this issue by first showing the manner in which an illusion of light speed invariance occurs in a two-way light speed measurement in the framework of a semiclassical absolute space theory. It then demonstrates a measurable variation of the one-way speed of light, which directly invalidates the light speed invariance postulate and hence falsifies special relativity theory. This light speed variation also confirms the existence of the preferred reference frame of the absolute space theory.

Keywords: Special Theory of Relativity, Preferred Reference Frame, Light Speed Invariance Postulate, Light Speed Measurement, Absolute Space Theory, Roemer Experiment, Ether

Received: January 6, 2009; Accepted: July 19, 2009; Published Online: February 3, 2010