12 PDF - Eyal Brodet, The possibility of a hidden variable in time

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Volume 23: Pages 613-617, 2010

The possibility of a hidden variable in time

Eyal Brodet 1

14 Michaelson Street, Jerusalem 93707, Israel

The aim of this paper is to explain why objects decay or change their structure and why these processes have distributions in time. In a search for the above, we suggest to look for a correlation between the objects’ internal information and its possible decay. This leads us to a new definition of existence time which will be defined in detail in the text and later on illustrated in the case of an elementary particle. The above existence time definition consequently suggests a hidden variable in time. Possible ways in which one may measure the effect of a hidden variable on existence time will be discussed in the form of a particular suggested correlation between the existence times of sequential particles that may be evident in several processes focusing on the process of the decay chain of a tau to a muon to an electron. However, for the general case, we suggest to search not only for correlations as the above but for any correlation in chains of decay times of any particles which, if it exists, will present a big breakthrough in particle and quantum physics making it worthwhile to search for in any scenario.

Keywords: Existence Time, Hidden Variable, Correlated Particles Decay Times

Received: July 28, 2010; Accepted: October 2, 2010; Published Online: November 19, 2010