5 PDF - Junichi Egashira, Thermodynamics criticism: Carnot cycle judged from physics

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Volume 23: Pages 569-573, 2010

Thermodynamics criticism: Carnot cycle judged from physics

Junichi Egashira 1

13-17-8, Keyakidai, Kiyama-chyou, Saga 841-0205, Japan

The efficiency of the Carnot cycle exhibits a peculiarity in the thermal energy in its conversion of [heat→work], namely, the principle of increasing entropy. However, the Carnot cycle involves conversion both of [heat→work] and [work→heat], not merely conversion of [heat→work]. The definition of cycle efficiency does not satisfy the conservation of energy law. In this paper, we investigate whether the principle of entropy increase derived from the cycle describes a characteristic of the conversion of [heat→work].

Keywords: Cycle Efficiency, Thermodynamic Work, Carnot Cycle, Energy Conservation, Working Entropy, Contracting System, Superconductor, Superfluid, Biological System

Received: April 29, 2009; Accepted: August 7, 2010; Published Online: September 9, 2010