17 PDF - Minoru Harada, The twin paradox repudiated

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Volume 24: Pages 454-455, 2011

The twin paradox repudiated

Minoru Haradaa)

Institute of Liberal Arts, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-8501, Japan

Contrary to the prevailing lore, the twin paradox is shown to lose its raison d'être when a proper account is taken of the intrinsic role of time in relativity theory.

Au contraire de la croyance bien acceptée, le paradoxe des jumeaux se montre insoutenable une fois compte tenu du rôle essentiel du temps de la théorie de la relativité.

Keywords: Einstein, Relativity Theory, Twin Paradox

Received: July 15, 2010; Accepted: July 16, 2011; Published Online: August 19, 2011

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