8 PDF - Richard T. Hammond, Variable charge and massless photons

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Volume 24: Pages 379-380, 2011

Variable charge and massless photons

Richard T. Hammonda)

Department of Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27703, USA

It is routinely stated that conservation of electric charge follows from Maxwell's equations. On the other hand, if charge is not conserved, then it is usually stated that the photon acquires a mass. It is shown that neither of these statements is true, and the equations with variable charge are presented.

On affirme fréquemment que la conservation de charge électrique ressort des équations de Maxwell. Par contre, si la charge n'est pas conservée, on affirme d'habitude que le photon acquiert de la masse. On montre qu'aucun de ces deux énoncés n'est vrai et on présente les équations avec charge variable.

Keywords: Conservation Laws

Received: March 13, 2011; Accepted: June 13, 2011; Published Online: August 11, 2011

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