9. Stephan J. G. Gift, Time dilation in the GPS invalidates the relativity principle

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Volume 33: Pages 302-305, 2020

Time dilation in the GPS invalidates the relativity principle

Stephan J. G. Gifta)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine,

Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Asymmetrical time dilation in the Global Positioning System (GPS) invalidates the relativity principle of special relativity since it confirms the existence of a preferred frame that is prohibited by the principle. It also contradicts symmetrical time dilation predicted by special relativity.


La dilatation temporelle asymétrique dans le système de positionnement global (GPS) invalide le principe de relativité de la relativité restreinte car elle confirme l'existence d'un cadre préféré qui est interdite par le principe. En outre, elle contredit la dilatation temporelle symétrique prédite par la relativité restreinte.


Key words: Time Dilation; Relativity Principle; Selleri Transformations; Lorentz Transformations; Earth-Centered Inertial (ECI) frame; GPS.

Received: May 5, 2020; Accepted: July 13, 2020; Published Online: August 10, 2020

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