6. Duncan W. Shaw, Aether explanation of entanglement

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Volume 31: Pages 29-38, 2018


Aether explanation of entanglement


Duncan W. Shawa)


1517 Angus Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 4H2, Canada


This article proposes that the medium of aether as described by James Clerk Maxwell in 1865 offers a rational explanation of the phenomenon of entanglement. It also provides a rational underlying physical base for the quantum mechanics theory.


Cet article soutient l’hypothèse que l’existence de l’éther, comme l’a décrit James Clerk Maxwell en 1865, offre une explication rationnelle au phénomène de l’intrication. Cette existence de l’éther constitue par ailleurs une base physique, rationelle sous-jacente à la théorie de la mécanique quantique.


Key words: Entanglement; Correlation; Polarization; Aether; Aether Cells; Ether; Quantum Mechanics; Photons; Instantaneous Action-at-a-Distance.


Received: February 21, 2017; Accepted: December 29, 2017; Published Online: January 22, 2017


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