2. Allen D. Allen, Deconstructing the Natural Units

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Volume 14: Pages 4-5, 2001

Deconstructing the Natural Units

Allen D. Allen

CytoDyn of New Mexico, 4236 Longridge Avenue, #302, Studio City, California 91604 U.S.A.

The magnitudes h of Planck's constant and c of light speed are equal if and only if A = 1, where A = h/c. Since A has the dimensions mass                         space, A = 1 depends solely upon the choice of units for mass and space and is independent of the unit used for time. Given A = 1, the unit of time then uniquely determines the particular value for the magnitude of h = c.

Keywords: natural units, primitive dimensions

Received: January 26, 1999; Published online: December 15, 2008