18. N. Umakantha, Represental Approach of Bell's Inequalities

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Volume 13: Pages 640-644, 2000

Represental Approach of Bell's Inequalities

N. Umakantha

Department of Physics, Karnatak University, DHARWAD‐580 003, India

The Bell reasoning is reviewed from the point of view of the represental approach to quantum mechanics [Phys. Essays 11, 96 (1998)]. Bell's basic assumption that the probability distribution for the hidden variables is independent of the orientations of the Stern‐Gerlach magnets in the Bohm experiment is tantamount to assuming that a statistical property relevant to a statistical assembly of systems is independent of the very external physical conditions which specify the statistical assembly. Being based on such an erroneous assumption, the Bell inequalities are invalid. The violation of the Bell inequalities by the experimental evidence has no bearing on the locality aspect of atomic phenomena.

Keywords: Bell's inequalities, Bohm experiment, locality in atomic physics

Received: July 29, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008