13. Cǎlin Galeriu, ime‐Symmetric Action‐at‐a‐Distance Electrodynamics and the Structure of Space‐Time

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Volume 13: Pages 597-603, 2000

TimeSymmetric ActionataDistance Electrodynamics and the Structure of SpaceTime

Cǎlin Galeriu

Department of Physics, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610 U.S.A.

We argue that the concept of “material point particle” is incompatible with the force laws of actionatadistance electrodynamics, and that the trajectory of a particle is analogous to a string in static equilibrium. Geometrical arguments lead us to consider a timesymmetric interaction law, and a microscopic electromagnetic fieldstrength tensor which is no longer antisymmetric. As a consequence the rest mass of a particle, in our theory, is no longer constant; however its averaged variation is still null.

Keywords: relativity theory, actionatadistance electrodynamics, time symmetry

Received: June 8, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008