11. J. P. Wesley, A Mathematical Error in the Lienard‐Wiechert Retarded Potentials

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Volume 13: Pages 589-592, 2000

A Mathematical Error in the LienardWiechert Retarded Potentials

J. P. Wesley

Weiherdammstrasse 24, 78176 Blumberg, Germany

The derivation of the LienertWiechert retarded potential involves a mathematical error, so it is not a valid solution to the inhomogeneous wave equation, and it does not represent retarded action correctly. The correct retarded potential satisfying the inhomogeneous wave equation is presented, which agrees with the independent result derived from first principles based directly upon retarded action.

Keywords: retarded potential, LienardWiechert wrong, electrodynamics

Received: January 19, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008