8. Thierry Delort, Theory of Ether

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Volume 13: Pages 573-579, 2000

Theory of Ether

Thierry Delort

23 rue de l'Abbé Carton, 75014 Paris, France

This article presents the theory of ether (TE). This theory interprets some experiments in quantum physics, mechanics, and cosmology better than relativity. Nonetheless it is in agreement with the use of special relativity (SR) in order to interpret millions of experiments. An important aspect is that it also gives mechanical causes to this validity. In this article, we mainly study the field of SR. In the same way as SR, the TE can be obtained from a very simple fundamental principle, different from but close in its expression to the principle of relativity. Nonetheless, its consequences, such as the existence of an ether, the fluidity of time and space, and absolute times and lengths, are a very different conception of the universe from the present one. So it is necessary to study this theory.

Keywords: ether, Lorentz transformations, relativity, universe, absolute time, absolute lengths

Received: January 29, 1999; Published online: December 15, 2008