4. C. Y. Lo, On the Incompatibility of Gravitational Radiation with the 1915 Einstein Equation

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Volume 13: Pages 527-539, 2000

On the Incompatibility of Gravitational Radiation with the 1915 Einstein Equation

C. Y. Lo

Applied and Pure Research Institute, 17 Newcastle Drive, Nashua, New Hampshire 03060 U.S.A.

It is shown that the 1915 Einstein equation is incompatible with the physical notion that a wave carries away energy momentum. This proof is compatible with the MaxwellNewton approximation (the linear field equation for weak gravity), and is supported by the binary pulsar experiments. For dynamic problems, the linear field equation is independent of, and furthermore incompatible with, the Einstein equation. The linear equation, as a firstorder approximation, requires the existence of the weak gravitational wave such that it must be bounded in amplitude and be related to the dynamics of the source of radiation. Due to neglecting these crucial physical associations, in addition to inadequate understanding of the equivalence principle, unphysical solutions were mistaken as gravitational waves. It is concluded theoretically that, as Einstein and Rosen suggested, a physical gravitational wave solution for the 1915 equation does not exist. This conclusion is given further support by analyzing the issue of plane waves versus exact “wave” solutions. Moreover, the approaches of Damour and Taylor for the radiation of binary pulsars would be valid only if they are as an approximation of the equation of 1995 update. And the update equation shows that the singularity theorems prove only the breaking down of WheelerHawking theories, but not general relativity. Also, it is pointed out that some Lorentz manifolds are among those that actually disagree with known experimental facts.

Keywords: compatibility, dynamic solution, gravitational radiation, principle of causality, plane wave, WheelerHawking theories

Received: June 18, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008